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Seriously, what is so fucking hard about taking the time to fully evaluate your choice of pet before you go out and buy one all fucking willy nilly and then decide you don’t want it 2 months later and give it away to yet another irresponsible owner.

For fucks sake

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    The decision to get into a fight for the sake of the animal or to just shake your head and leave it alone…
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    Thumbs up for assuming I or anyone else hasn’t already done that. Aren’t we allowed to vent our frustrations? Oh wait,...
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    so rather than educate them about it and help them make an informed decision let’s chastise them for waiting until the...
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    all of my rage
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    I spent a good three weeks visiting the pet store and talking to the reptile guy about what we’d need and how to feed...
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    This is my greatest pet peeve in regards to people who want to get any pet, reptile or otherwise, and do not know...
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    Curse of the Ball Python, forever the critter people randomly decide to get because there was a sale at Petco.
  23. ednaisdrowning said: You could tell them to perhaps rethink their quick decision and take the time to prepare for owning a python and enlighten them to needing to be a responsible pet owner.