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Jon. 28. Adele-obsessed Daydreamer. Browncoat. Indecisive. Insecure. Friend. Brother. Son. Lover of all things written.

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So in an attempt to cheer myself up, I took pictures.

  1.  I don’t really “smile” but I do smirk a lot. Here’s a smirk.
  2. My right eye is more “squinty” than my left.
  3. My glasses are perpetually crooked.
  4. I whipped up a fingerless glove/wrist warmer last night at work, a pattern I found here, and I love it. Planning on a rainbow edition soon.
  5. Got a new pendant in the mail today. Ordered from the lovely Samantha Bird at Urban Aviary, it’s a rather large quartz point with one end dipped in sterling silver. It’s gorgeous and I love it.
  6. <3
  1. josequeermo said: Photo number three is just serving attitude and I love it.
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