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I think I’ll just move in at work. I seem to never leave.

You’re never too old for an Easter basket! Thanks mom. ❤️ #easter #sockmonkey

Like, come over and let’s chat while we drink cocktails and watch Firefly while I do my crafty thing and you’re on tumblr on your phone.

Stuff like that.

Friends I think is what it’s called.

Spelled out: G P O Y

Or as a word :Gee-Poy?

Hiya :) #gpoy

Frogman, I have a snake. He's a six month old ball python named Loki and he's a super adorable ball of squish. When I tell people about my babysnake, people respond with things like "I'd kill it if I could! Snakes are gross!" It really upsets me because he's my babysnake and I love him, but I don't know how to respond to them. I know some people have phobias of snakes and I don't want to invalidate them, but at the same time, he's my babysnake and those jokes hurt. How do I talk to them?
heylookitsjon heylookitsjon Said:


Well, first I would tell them they are jerks for wanting to kill my pet. 

Then after slapping them with a fish…


I would kindly tell them that a domesticated pet snake is very different than finding a snake in the wild. You are raising it, getting it adjusted to humans, and keeping it well fed and healthy so it doesn’t have a crazed temperament that hunger can cause in animals. 

If they have phobias, they don’t have to see or touch the snake. But telling you they would kill your pet is just a jerk move… even if it is in jest.

I would let them know that isn’t cool. Offer to prove them wrong and have them meet Loki. Tell them he makes you happy and you don’t appreciate the death threats and talk of him being gross. Maybe ask how they would feel if you said that about their puppy or kitty. Turn it around on them.

Personally, I think snakes and lizards and all manners of herptiles can be quite cute. But if I found a wild snake hiding in my closet I would run screaming with my arms flailing and then call a braver person than myself to take them back to the wild.  

People need to realize that pets and wild animals are very different things. Even the more slithery ones. 

Snakes are cool. Give Loki a pat on the [wherever snakes like to be patted] for me.



Is this person even real i mean really

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Ugh. Cute fuzzy boys will be he death of me.

It’s amazing what good sleep will do for your mood. Happy Thursday, y’all. (Ps I need a haircut. STAT) #gpoy

I hope you find yourself up shit creek without a paddle when dueling banjos start to play. #asshole

Bonne nuit, mes amis

Be good.


That one friend that acts out when boys are around

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*sees a dog on tv show*
*whispers excitedly* puppy